O B L Ō S products are carefully crafted high quality accessories boasting a unique iconic design. 

To ensure its durability over time, handle your item with care and follow these simple recommendations to preserve it.

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight, heat or humidity.  In case your bag is exposed to rain, wipe it dry immediately with a soft cloth. 

Stuff your bag with tissue paper to keep its shape and absorb moisture when it is not in use. Avoid scratching, do not place your bag on sharp surfaces. Our Oblo’S bags come in high quality  lambskin, massaging in a circular motion helps reducing marks and scratches on their surface.

Keep away from alcohol-based products, disinfectants, oil solutions, moisturizer hand creams, cosmetics or perfumes. 

Should you stain your bag, do not use detergents or solvents, but a dry, soft cloth for cleaning.

When not being used, store your bag in his flannel pouch in a dry place away from saltiness.   

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